New Evangelization in the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons

The miracle of feeding the multitude is PCNE‘s icon for the year of the Clergy and the Consecrated Persons who like the laity share in the common priesthood. The miracle story highlights the priesthood of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd who formed his disciples (ministerial priesthood) and showed compassion to the crowd (laity and the consecrated). It also brings to the fore the importance of the disciples immersed in the crowd as to know what the crowd could offer for the miracle to take place. It acknowledges the sharing of the boy who stood for the crowd (laity and the consecrated), and the power of Jesus the Good Shepherd that He shared with the disciples (ministerial priesthood). It finally heightens satisfaction and abundance after the crowd was fed and was transformed into a community of disciples, sharers of God‘s blessings.

Introduction Segments


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